Garden Grove, CA
Envise, a building systems integrator uniting building automation, mechanical service, and analytics was recently awarded the chilled water expansion project at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California. In addition to Envise, the project team consists of Baker Electric and Couts Heating & Cooling.

The chilled water expansion project is the school’s third phase of an energy transformation plan. Envise will improve and expand the underground chilled water piping system that supplies six large campus buildings, as well as replace 13 air handling units throughout three buildings. All 13 units will utilize the newly expanded chilled water lines, improve the efficiency of the central plant, and significantly reduce energy costs. The third major piece of the project includes replacing direct air exchange cooling coils with chilled water coils, totaling 24 new chilled water coils.

The project’s third phase is possible due to Envise’s work on the project’s first phase which included an upgrade to the central utility plant. That phase is currently optimizing the distribution of water based on the real-time demand of each building and piece of equipment.

Overall, the chilled water expansion project will allow the campus to save about 25 percent in energy savings. The project’s design and construction phase will begin in March 2017 and overall project completion is anticipated for September 2018.

About Envise
As a building management systems integrator, Envise unites analytics, building automation, and equipment lifecycle management. Resulting in higher building performance, the organization’s integrated, data-driven approach helps improve facilities throughout the building lifecycle. Helping to manage both facilities and budgets, the knowledgeable experts at Envise form long-term, collaborative partnerships to meet customers’ goals and deliver customized building solutions.