Energy Management

The energy costs to furnish an end product or service can be a substantial percentage of what it costs you to do business. By utilizing technology to manage energy costs and expend the minimal amount of energy possible, energy management can positively impact both your cost levels and revenues.Taking your property's design and operations as well as building systems and building management system abilities into account, Envise can holistically evaluate how your facility and develop energy efficient solutions that optimize building operations. By collaborating with you and your team, our energy management projects incorporate your invaluable feedback, and are designed to fulfill desired end results.

Building Management Systems

Without the right building management systems, facilities may not run efficiently and productivity can slow from decreased tenant comfort. The correct automated building management system for your specific needs can keep facility operating costs low, while creating a database of what works best for your building. Our building management systems expertise allows us to design, install, and service state-of-the-art systems to help you control, monitor, and compare your building's consumption on an ongoing basis. From HVAC equipment controls to alarming and reporting, Envise experts collaborate with each client to identify customized solutions that suit individual facility needs.


We firmly believe in empowering you to learn your building automation systems inside and out. Proper customer training not only equates to a higher return on investment, but also lowers potential needs for service, and in most cases, minimizes possible downtime in the future. Through our many partnerships, we are able to provide cost effective, custom training programs that include system information and recommendations direct from the manufacturer. By teaching the most efficient way to operate the building systems we design and install, you gain maximum system performance, while achieving the highest possible energy savings for your facility.

Facility Services

A facility's design is only as great as it operates. As any owner or facility operator can attest, building performance ties directly into proactive service and maintenance. Keeping your business up and running ultimately saves time and money.Through trusted relationships and a holistic approach to the building lifecycle, facility services projects can achieve much more when focused on achieving success through collaboration and innovation. Working together to help clients easily identify and innovatively solve the challenges their facilities may face, Envise develops customized solutions with cost-effective outcomes in mind. From performance analysis to 24/7 controls service, our experts can help you determine what suits your particular needs and ensure your systems continue to run optimally for the lifecycle of your building.


Through the collaborative and trusted relationships we work to build with you, we aim to innovatively solve issues and find the right solutions for your facility challenges. By working with a knowledgeable Envisor, you can easily address various issues you may be experiencing related to technology integration, building efficiency, and maintenance planning.Our consultation services, lead by a skilled Envisor, start with your specific goals and end with performance. We understand every facility's needs and objectives differ, and we believe that by giving you the knowledge you need, you can confidently decide what's right for your distinct facility.

Envise Expertise Overview

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Utilizing our in-house expertise to optimize building performance,  Envise provides innovative building management solutions that suit your facility’s operations and energy goals. As an integrated building automation and controls systems provider, our goal is to deliver sustainable open platform building management solutions that improve your facility throughout its lifecycle. By partnering with you, we help regulate temperature, enhance indoor air quality, and reduce energy consumption and operating costs, without compromising comfort.

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