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For many federal, state, city and county agencies, aging buildings and failing infrastructure can be a heavy financial burden. As a public entity, procurement processes are highly regulated and complex, making it challenging for you to have a clear understanding on how best to plan for capital expenditures.

Predictable delivery of a well-maintained and functional building drives your success, with focuses like energy use reduction, sustainability, and security also playing an important role for overall facility operations. This is precisely why an organization that understands your challenges, brings appropriate technologies, and can proactively navigate procurement hurdles is an essential partner in meeting your short and long term needs.

Working with you to reach—and exceed—your operational and energy goals, Envise can address systems that cause unpredictability, advise which building automation systems and analytics platforms can deliver information to utilize facility staff more efficiently, and help design a long term capital plan to meet your sustainability and budget requirements. Our experts can also help you identify and take advantage of local incentives and rebates that may be available for your facility improvements.

As the single source for your building operations needs, we are committed to delivering and maintaining a fully operational, qualified facility.

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