Canadian Embassy

Located in Washington, DC, the Canadian Embassy spans over 280,000 square feet and reflects Canada’s commitment to protecting the environment. Undertaking a recent retrofit project for embassy, Envise focused on the building automation and energy management of the facility’s diplomatic offices, cafeterias, kitchens, sensitive compartmented information facilities, and mission control areas.

The project required a complete retrofit of the facility’s building automation system as well as all motor starters in its 32 air handlers with variable speed drives. Additionally, the project team retrofitted 14 washroom damper, chiller and boiler plant pumps and controls, two rooftop energy recovery units, and miscellaneous kitchen, garage, and exhaust fans to increase efficiency.

In order to best meet the needs of the Canadian government, Envise divided the project into 13 specific energy conservation measures. Some of project’s energy conservation measures included chiller plant redesign and re-sequencing, energy recovery of ventilation air, and upgrades to primary digital direct controls on all air handler and hydronic equipment.

The highly efficient equipment chosen for the project helped the Canadian Embassy achieve LEED Silver certification. Overall, Envise was able to decrease utility consumption and costs through a collaborative energy solution for the client. A well-developed long-term customer relationship has also resulted in an ongoing preventative maintenance agreement for the facility, leading to unremitting building automation system operability.

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   Industry: Government

   Location: Washington, DC


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