DirecTV California Broadcast Center

Located in Long Beach, California, the DirecTV California Broadcast Center serves as a satellite facility for the South American DirecTV market. Within the facility that is made up of office and information technology space as well as a broadcast data center, Envise worked to retrofit mechanical equipment and integrate into the existing building automation system.

To maintain the facility’s cooling capacity during the project, Envise installed a temporary chiller to be integrated into the building automation system and ran failure tests prior to the start date to ensure proper rotation when going offline. Following the tests, Envise retrofitted the air cooled chillers by replacing the condenser coils, a boiler and two deluxe expansion package units.

Envise carefully planned and coordinated with the owner to provide services without disruption, and reduce point of failure risks and redundant services. Through heavy collaboration on both sides, Envise was able to release the temporary chiller earlier than anticipated, resulting in reduced overall project costs for the owner.

By aiming for energy efficiency and equipment reliability, a 20 percent gain in efficiency was achieved. In addition, the project team collaborated closely with the client to identify necessary safety measures, timelines, and cost saving opportunities. Having focused on a long-term customer relationship, Envise continues to serve DirecTV through a maintenance program.

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   Industry: Commercial

   Location: Long Beach, CA


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