Pearl Therapeutics

Located in Redwood City, California, Pearl Therapeutics specializes in the development of combination therapies for the treatment of highly prevalent respiratory diseases, including asthma. Totaling nearly 83,000 square feet, the facility is comprised of manufacturing clean rooms, warehouse space, support labs, and office space.

Within a condensed timeframe, Envise provided a turnkey building automation system solution including direct digital controls serving all central plant equipment and units such as an air handler, chiller, humidifier, and boilers. In addition, the project team provided a unique room pressure monitoring system used to monitor nitrogen pressure, vacuum system pressure, and oxygen depletion.

In order to tackle the aggressive schedule, the project required weekly coordination meetings for quick decisions and commitments to be made. Envise worked with other vendors to complete the interconnecting wiring of the industrial hot water, purified water, and building automation systems. Prior to mechanical startup, an Envise technician verified that the correct parameters had been set and communication had been established to ensure proper system integration.

With design-build resources, Envise served as a single source of accountability and remained flexible and agile throughout the many design iterations of the project. Through enhanced communication and coordination, Envise delivered an innovative, cost-effective solution to the client.


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   Industry: Life Sciences

   Location: Redwood City, CA