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Located in El Segundo, California, the Mattel campus consists of approximately 1,000,000 square feet of office, design, modeling and small manufacturing space.



Mechanical systems in several facilities across the Mattel campus were reaching end of life and creating myriad operational issues, as well as affecting employee comfort. A comprehensive mechanical and building automation controls retrofit was in order, but would need to be executed quickly while the facilities remained operational.


Envise developed and implemented an equipment replacement plan that involved commissioning and building management system integration for three buildings on the campus within a condensed timeframe.

Beginning with Envise providing consultative services for the client, the decision was made to replace 13 direct expansion package units totaling 350 tons and retrofitting the variable air volume control boxes in the top floor executive offices. In addition, the project team removed two 60-ton water cooled direct expansion air handlers in the 15-story headquarters building and installed the new custom units from the ground up.

In order to remain operational, Mattel required an extremely aggressive project schedule. To satisfy this need, Envise established a meticulously planned project start time to ensure building access, implemented necessary safety precautions, and minimized disruption within the building. By partnering with a demolition contractor, the equipment removal was expedited during a weekend shutdown. Two labor shifts were also implemented to install units and coordinate start up, commissioning, and the integration of new equipment into the existing building management system.

By choosing equipment with maintenance and serviceability in mind, Envise delivered a solution that provides energy savings, equipment reliability, and lower operating and maintaining equipment costs.

Focused on the long-term client relationship, Envise continues to serve Mattel, Inc. through an ongoing preventive maintenance agreement.

When it comes to service, Mattel’s needs also required immediate response to service calls. Southland has been exceptional in providing this type of service. At no point has any member of their service team disappointed us. Our employees view Southland’s employees as part of the Mattel family. They are consistently on site, allowing quick response times and resolution to any problems.”
George Konovalov
Engineering Manager, Facilities & Real Estate, Mattel Inc.