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Located in downtown San Francisco, The Moscone Center is the largest convention and exhibition center in the Bay area, and among the 15 largest in the United States.



The Moscone Center generates over 20 percent of the 16.9 million annual visitors to San Francisco. In order to keep the city’s number-one industry competitive and accommodate future needs, the landmark facility underwent a massive, $551M expansion and improvement project that included over 305,000 square feet of new show space. Envise and parent company Southland Industries were tapped by general contractor Webcor to play key roles in the mechanical systems and building automation controls scope for the effort, while keeping the existing convention space operational during the construction phase.


Envise’s expertise in both retrofit work and new construction allowed us to take on the entire building automation system (BAS) scope, which spanned across a facility with multiple generations of controls and added approximately 5,000 hardware control points.

Envise implemented a staggered work plan that allowed for the decoupling and replacement of the occupied convention center’s controls without the owner having to cancel a single convention booking or having a degradation of climate or customer comfort.

Envise also engineered and executed a custom solution assisting Southland with design-build scope of the Moscone rainwater harvesting and water treatment system. The system helps the city capture and treat over 15 million gallons of water a year in-house. Water that would be sent to sewage is instead reused for gardens, toilet flushing, and supplying a truck fill-station for city sweepers and water trucks.

This innovative system helped the client achieve platinum certification from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Moscone scored 90 out of a possible 111 points to make it the highest-scoring LEED convention center in the world.

As Envise’s first high-profile job for San Francisco Public Works, the success of the Moscone work has led to an ongoing service agreement, as well as numerous other projects, such as SFO Terminal 1, the Airport Grand Hyatt and the San Francisco Forensics Lab.

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It [The Moscone Center Expansion] was extremely complicated… and four and a half years long. When we were going through contractor selection, I needed to find somebody who was culturally in line with what we were trying to do and just really be partners. We were lucky enough to get Envise.
Kris Kyle
Director of Hollins Consulting, on selecting Envise for the Moscone Center Expansion