Leveraging data to make mechanical systems smarter

Article | Consulting-Specifying Engineer Building sites with BAS can leverage their controls capabilities to uncover underlying issues by automatically analyzing overlooked data and presenting potential diagnoses, explains Jason Gladney, Vice President and Branch Manager at Envise. Unfortunately, these implementations are often engineered out of projects due to a poor value proposition along with a tight budget, […]

Lean IPD Strategies from the Trade Partner Perspective

Throughout its lifecycle, a project moves from an idea to implementation through a number of processes, people, and their personalities. When using a Lean Integrated Project Delivery (LIPD) approach, team chemistry matters, explains Andrew Rhodes, Southland Industries’ Business Development Lead. “The foundation for a successful IPD team is built through trust and respect,” Rhodes explains In […]

Using Demand-controlled Ventilation in HVAC

Traditionally, HVAC designs are developed with the average climate conditions in mind. Engineers designing high-performance buildings should consider the various factors that go into improving indoor air and environmental quality. With his 25+ years of experience in the building automation and controls industry, Envise integration business manager Michael Phillips identifies some ways to improve energy efficiency […]

ES Podcast Ep. 6 – Intentional Tech: Designing with a Purpose

Building better means building with intent, says Jody Baldwin, Mid-Atlantic branch manager at Envise. In this episode of Engineered Systems podcast Percussive Maintenance, Baldwin examines how customizing an entire living experience by building with intent can drastically improve the lives of those struggling with environmental sensitivities. “If we take the technology that’s available to us […]

OC Pathways – Envise

Internships at Envise are all about bringing in interns to help them find the right career path for them. The Orange County Department of Education’s “OC Pathways”program connects students to over 2,000 regional businesses and community partners around southern California, including Envise. “We want kids to know what’s available, what options they have, and things they […]

AEC’s data’s coming out party

Today’s convergence of technology is encouraging AEC firms to use data analytics to help their clients spot potential issues and make decisions earlier. That value is still sometimes a harder sell because of data’s “soft ROI,” says Envise’s Jody Baldwin, who suggests that data seems more relevant to today’s developers and property managers of existing […]

How Lean Construction Methods are Shaping the Future

Consulting-Specifying Engineer Adopted as a response to customer and supply chain dissatisfaction with the building industry, Lean project delivery methods seek to manage a project through relationships, shared knowledge and common goals in order to break down the traditional silos associated with construction. The results of this approach produce significant improvements in scheduling, in reducing […]

The Department of Energy’s $47M Investment Signals Impending Change for MEP Providers

Consulting-Specifying Engineer In April, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced the Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies 2019 Funding Opportunityfor $47 million. Anthony Roner, Vice President of Southland Energy, provides his insight into how these areas of focus for the DOE match up with the changing priorities Southland Energy is seeing in the industry. “This investment […]

Learning How to Engineer Colleges, Universities Better

College and university buildings are at the forefront of using emerging up-and-coming trends in their design, and with each structure comes its own set of challenges to analyze, study and overcome. With more than 15 years in the construction industry, Envise branch manager Travis Fletcher‘s recent roundtable contribution takes an in-depth look at the biggest trends […]