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From office buildings and retail space to warehouses and parking garages, the commercial market is incredibly competitive and the success of your entire business hinges on your ability to attract and retain tenants.

An attractive, high quality space without interruption to day-to-day activities appeals to the most profitable tenants, which, in turn, attracts other tenants.

Envise has the expertise necessary to create safe, secure, comfortable, and cost-effective commercial facilities. Partnering with our staff of experts leads to the collaborative master planning for your equipment lifecycle and technology recommendations that take building constraints and tenant expectations into consideration. Our goal is to ensure your business continues as usual, while we work to implement solutions that improve the indoor environment—and your bottom line.

The longer the relationship and the more ingrained we are with our clients is more opportunity for us to, not only understand their challenges, but to understand their physical facility, their equipment, how the building works… That then lends to our ability to begin to solve things proactively… We want to limit emergencies within their business.”
Branch Manager, Envise SoCal