Connected Solutions

What truly sets Envise apart from our competitors are the in-house resources and expertise we can bring to projects of any size and scope. Together with our parent company, Southland Industries, we have the unique ability to deliver unparalleled value at every stage of your facilities’ lifecycle.

Founded in 1949, Southland is one of the nation’s largest MEP building systems experts. With four connected business lines, each focused on a specific stage of the building lifecycle, the company continues to pave the way as an industry leader in sustainability and energy efficiency so as to improve the way buildings are designed, built, operated, and maintained.

When engaged for large-scale mechanical and building automation retrofits, Envise frequently consults and collaborates with this in-house engineering arm. A fully integrated engineering services firm, Southland Engineering has extensive experience designing systems that seamlessly integrate into existing operational facilities, minimize impact to facility operations, and improve energy efficiency and system reliability.

When involved from the design-build stage of large projects, Envise often leans on Southland Construction for its considerable manpower and construction resources. The construction team focuses on prefabrication in our controlled environments to mitigate challenges, lower overall costs, and increase speed to market. By constructing major components off-site, the work can be installed, tested, and inspected before it is brought to the site, thereby minimizing impact to the critical operations.

For larger energy retrofits, Envise works closely with sister company Southland Energy to develop highly detailed investment grade audits and then select the mechanical solution that meets your financial and operational goals. Together, we design the necessary components into the system for a robust measurement and verification plan. Southland Energy is also well-qualified to provide performance guarantees. To date, the company has guaranteed over $77M in energy projects.

One of the advantages Envise has is the ability to draw resources from Southland Industries. We have a world-class engineering department. So, when Envise is designing solutions, they have this incredible depth of engineering resources that one wouldn't typically have with a service company. Same thing on the energy side. Envise draws from the energy division for qualified energy engineers and financial specialists. So, we have, as a company, a deep bench of resources that can be brought to bear on any projects in which Envise is involved.”
Maureen McDonald
Director of Business Development for Energy Services, Envise