Hospitality and Entertainment

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While Envise performs work all across the country in highly sensitive government, military, and healthcare facilities, the reality is that every client in every market is absolutely mission critical. And the hospitality and entertainment industry is certainly no exception. Whether you’re responsible for the operation of a 24/7 resort casino in Las Vegas or a large sports stadium in Southern California, we know that your ability to provide the optimal guest or attendee experience is always of paramount importance and anything threatening it requires immediate attention. So if a chiller goes down in the middle of the night or a lighting system malfunctions just minutes before game time, Envise is there to provide around-the-clock service of all your facility’s systems.

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Case Study

We have to be available for our customers 24/7... It’s not just hospitals that have issues, but you have hotels, casinos, and other large venues. You have stadiums, you have showrooms, you have nightclubs and facilities of that nature that are very mission critical and they need to make sure that they're running efficiently. And we help them do that.”
Steve Martinson
Service Operations Manager, Envise Southwest