State and Local Municipalities

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For many towns, cities, counties, and state agencies, the issues are all too familiar: As a public entity with already stretched budgets and an unwavering commitment to judiciously allocating taxpayer dollars, you are repeatedly forced to prioritize the service or infrastructure upgrades of one facility over another and getting caught in a seemingly never-ending cycle of deferred maintenance.

So, how do you ultimately break the cycle and adopt a proactive approach that addresses both your short and long-term needs? This is precisely where Envise can help. With the goal of helping you get and stay ahead of deteriorating facilities, we will look at your unique challenges and then design customized solutions to modernize your infrastructure, improve reliability, increase energy efficiency, and actually lower your overall operating costs.

The ability to adapt quickly, efficiently, and effectively to different markets, changing markets, and to bring in new technologies, was a big reason why I came to Envise. A lot of the folks in this space that they compete with are not nimble in any way. They're rigid. We're a much more fluid company. But it's fluid with purpose, fluid with vision, fluid with clarity, and fluid with sustainability.
Branch Manager, Envise Southern California